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Talkhalakh is considered the largest area of the province of Homs in terms of the number of districts, counties and villages. Its population in 2004 is estimated by 129,429 people according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. The most important events took place in the area: On April 28th of 2011, the crisis in the area started when armed rebels attacked a security building killing 2 security men and injuring 5 others
A neighborhood located in Homs. The most important events took place in the neighborhood: The neighborhood did not witness any demonstrations against the government since the crisis started but it witnessed pro-government rallies. On October 30th of 2011, unknowns kidnapped 5 females from Al-Zahraa and Al-A’bbasia
A neighborhood located in the western south of Homs and one of the city’s entrances. The most important events took place in the neighborhood: Anti-government demonstrations started occurring in the neighborhood since the end of March 2011 and the most important ones were on April 8th, May 23rd, July 22nd, September 29th, October 20th of 2001 and on January 22nd 27th and February 2nd of 2012. A number of Anti-gov
Talbieseh city is located on the north of Homs province on the international highway that connects north Syria with its south; it belongs to Al-Rastan area. The city’s population, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, is 63,784 and it ranks fourth among the cities of Homs after Palmyra, Al-Ksair and Al-Rastan. The most important events took place in the city: What distinguishes the events in this city is how ar
Al-Ksair area locates 35 km away from Homs and 15 km away from the Lebanese borders with a population of 108,102 according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. More than 40 villages belong to the area administratively. The most important events in the area: Due to its location on the border, smuggling was active and in the beginning of the crisis, specifically on 17-3-2011, 2 people got arrested while smuggling 10 kg and 400 g of